50 Famous Faces on Google Plus

50 Famous Faces on Google Plus

Google is determined to make a success of Google Plus. With increased integration of the platform into search engine results and businesses and celebrities beginning to get behind it, you’d be hard pressed to bet against it. In fact, just last week, Google announced that Plus has more than 90 million registered users with 60% logging in daily and 80% weekly.

Not bad for just 7 months!

Of course, it has a long way to go before it catches up with Facebook (800 million) and Twitter (300 million but approx. 120 million active users). But it is the fastest growing social networking platform to day. I love it, personally. You’ll find me on Google Plus here. But more interestingly, here are 50 famous people you’ll also find on G+ with personal accounts or pages.

50 Celebs on Google Plus

Just in case you want to get all these folks in your Circles in one quick click, I’ve created a Circle and shared it. You can find that here.

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. David Beckham
  4. Will.i.am
  5. Robbie Williams
  6. William Shatner
  7. Ashton Kutcher
  8. Paris Hilton
  9. Britney Spears

10. Soulja Boy

11. Sean Kingston

12. Kim Kardashian

13. David Cameron (boo)

14. Lewis Hamilton

15. Andy Murray

16. Snoop Dogg

17. Ed Sheeran

18. Cristiano Ronaldo

19. Sergio Ramos

20. Alicia Keys

21. Selena Gomez

22. 50 Cent

23. Mike Tyson

24. Pitbull

25. Richard Branson

26. Erin Andrews

27. Usher

28. Enrique Iglesias

29. T-Pain

30. Mark Cuban

31. Floyd Mayweather

32. Justin Timberlake

33. Dalai Lama

34. Shakira

35. Alyssa Milano

36. Jeri Ryan

37. David Guetta

38. Kelly Rowland

39. Adam Sandler

40. Hugh Jackman

41. Mariah Carey

42. Lance Armstrong

43. Dolly Parton

44. Charlie Brooker

45. Mark Wahlberg

46. LeBron James

47. Nick Cannon

48. Taylor Swift

49. Paul Oakenfold

50. Dwight Howard

Feel free to leave any others in the comments!