15 Internet Marketing Blogs I Don’t Go a Week Without Reading!

15 Internet Marketing Blogs I Don’t Go a Week Without Reading


I’m a bit of a compulsive blogger – not just in terms of writing on my own blogs but in guest writing on a whole host of others as well and in reading!! I have a ton of blogs on various readers but don’t necessarily get to catch up with them all every single day. My weekends though contain at least an hour dedicated to catching up on 15 in particular that I simply can’t go a week without reading:


More of a daily read, really, but SEOmoz is essential reading for the SEOs, social media-ers and general internet marketing geeks out there.

SEOMoz BlogSEOMoz Twitter.

Search Engine People

Again, more of a regular read. This is one I contribute to on occasion. It’s made up of contributions by lots of people working in SEO and various other elements of internet marketing all over the world. The different perspectives make this one a very worthwhile read.

Search Engine People BlogSearch Engine People Twitter.

Google Inside Search

I read this because something is changing all the time in Google. Major changes are announced here.

Google Inside Search Blog

SEO Smarty

A really insightful blog featuring the occasional contributor post as well as the post of SEO blogger extraordinaire, Ann Smarty.

SEO Smarty BlogSEO Smarty Twitter

Search Engine Journal

Another blog contributed to by many different authors. I always find that useful for obtaining differing perspectives  on various elements of search.

Search Engine Journal BlogSearch Engine Journal Twitte

Search Engine Watch

Posts here include a lot on SEO, plenty on social, local and mobile as well. Very varied and updated regularly.

Search Engine Watch BlogSearch Engine Watch Twitter

Tecmark Blog

Ok, ok, being the most frequent conteibutor to this blog, I am perhaps a little biased. But nonetheless, I happen to think it’s rather good 😉

Tecmark BlogTecmark Twitter

Search Engine Land

This is another blog that takes the approach of multiple authors on various disciplines within Internet Marketing. A very up to date blog, incredibly quick to respond to updates in search engines and other related news.

Search Engine Land BlogSearch Engine Land Twitter

Dave Naylor

A UK based search blog by multiple users again. Contributors here are never afraid to share their own opinions, which makes for really great reading.

Dave Naylor BlogDave Naylor Twitter


A very much social media focussed blog, updated incredibly regularly. Always a worthwhile read.

Soshable BlogSoshable Twitter.

The Viral Garden

Unfortunately, this is only updated around once a month now. So although I check every week, there aren’t as many updates as I might like. Nonetheless, one to watch.

The Viral Garden BlogThe Viral Garden Twitter

The Social Media Examiner

As you might have guessed from its name, this is very much focussed on social. Frequent updates and great content. These guys frequently use case studies in highlighting examples of what they write about too.

The Social Media Examiner BlogSocial Media Examiner Twitter.


Probably the best known blog on blogging and certainly one of the very first. There are frequent guest contributions and all manner of topics are covered, from social to search all geared towards driving traffic to your site and keeping it there to conversion.

Problogger BlogProblogger Twitter.

Top Rank Blog

A largely SEO focussed blog that covers topical areas of search. Lots of resource posts on here and again a multiple author approach.

Top Rank BlogTop Rank Blog Twitter

Peter Handley’s Blog

A more recent discovery via the wonder that is Twitter. Pete is a UK based search marketer. It was updated this week after a few months of blogging silence – come on, Pete! Give us more updates! 😉

Peter Handley’s BlogPeter Handley’s Twitter

I’ve undoubtedly missed a whole host of awesome internet marketing blogs here so feel free to leave them in the comments!