5 Footballing Funnies on Youtube

funny football videos youtube

I like football. I also like Youtube. I also like people falling over and funny things on the Internet. All this, of course, adding up to the question: Why the Hell have I not posted a collection of Youtube’s finest football funnies before?

Let me put that right with 5 of the most entertaining football videos that Youtube has to offer.

The Campest Referee Ever

A long time favourite of mine… I only wish we had referring like this in the Premier League. It would certainly brighten up those rainy Saturday nil nil draws.

Zenden’s Awkward Dance

One of my favourite things about the world cup in 2010 (clearly not England’s performance) was watching some of the Ghanaian team celebrate their goals. Forget ripping your shirt off and punching the air… these players celebrate in style with some quality dance moves. Not long after this, Asamoah Gyan scored for Sunderland against Chelsea in the Premier League and shared his moves in celebration.

That wasn’t what was funny… the funny bit was watching Boudewijn Zenden try to dance with him. An awards moment he will probably wish, for the rest of his life, had never happened.

Keiron Dyer and Lee Bowyer’s Fisticuffs

Fisticuffs on the football field isn’t exactly all that rare. But full blown handbags at dawn between two player on the same team is not all that common… Lee Bowyer and Keiron Dyer followed in the footsteps of their Newcastle predecessors Graeme Le Saux and David Batty when they got into it on the footie field.

Fighting isn’t big and it isn’t clever, of course. But watching them go at each other like a pair of teenage girls arguing over a Justin Bieber poster really does amuse me.

Player Forces Opponent to Punch him in the Face!

This really is as weird as the title suggests. No explanation can do this as much justice as the video…

A Beach Ball Scores Against Liverpool

No need to add anything further to this other than… LOL!