Destruction is Good – And Other Lessons Learnt from iPhone Gaming

I am addicted to my iPhone. Having been an iPhone user for 2 years now, each time a new model is released, I’m there waiting for it on launch day. Judge me if you like, I don’t care 😉


One of the best things about the latest 4S (other than the awesome camera) is that the improved processor and graphics make gaming an even better experience.


But just in case you now have visions of me wasting hours playing iPhone games and achieving nothing valuable from it, allow me to share with you the very valuable life lessons that I have learnt from iPhone gaming.

Destruction is Great

angry birds destruction

Angry Birds rewards destruction. The more you can smash to smithereens the more points you get. The more points you get, the more chance of achieving the coveted 3 stars. The more levels in which you can achieve 3 stars, the more you can flash your phone around smugly and applaud yourself brashly in the presence of other Angry Bird gamers.

Yes, I am easily amused.

When Someone Threatens to Step on Your Daffodils, You Should Decapitate them with an Axe

axe in face

I love Axe in Face. A very witty and addictive game. And the incredibly important and valuable life lesson I have learnt from this game is that when someone threatens to step on your daffodils, the logical thing to do is to throw an axe at them with a view to decapitating them.

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t actually keep daffodils.

Chopping Fruit is Better with a Machete

fruit ninja

You don’t see tidy little kitchen knives in Fruit Ninja. Oh no. The slicing action you see simply has to be that of powerful fruit killing machine of a machete slicing through pineapples and making it look easy!

I did suggest to my boyfriend that he might want me to chop the fruit for a smoothie this morning. I gave him my best fruit ninja impression as well, before he patted me on the shoulder and suggested I should just sit down.

Somehow, I can’t imagine anyone will be buying me a machete soon.

See, my iPhone gaming time is valuable. It teaches me lessons I absolutely would have learned any other way!