Google Swaps Swearing for Kittens!

I’m quite a fan of Google’s ‘What do you Love?’ tool. You type in something you love and Google returns results for you from all verticals – images, patents, 3D sculptures and so on.

Here’s an example with puppies (mostly because I love puppies… they’re so cute and fluffy and schnuggly and… anyway, I digress).

what do you love google

Google Swaps Swearing for Kittens

But if what you love is a swear word? What if you genuinely really do love ‘shit?’ Well, Google doesn’t want to show you all the wonderful things on the web about shit. No, no. In fact, Google chooses instead to replace your search for ‘shit’ with one for ‘kittens.’ Because that, of course, is the nearest thing to it?

wdyl google

Oh, and it throws in a rainbow at the top for good measure in a way that almost says, ‘Watch your language now. Have a rainbow and calm down. Ooooh look at the kittens.’

British Swearwords

However, given that my level of personal maturity has not yet exceeded that of your typical 11 year old, I was only too pleased (all in the name of experimentation and awareness of course) to find out if any slip through the filters. Some do indeed slip through. For example this little gem as discovered by my colleague, Dan.

google what do you love