5 Ways Big Brands Irritate me on Twitter

Thanks to @ecomsam, @mmhemani, @jellyfishagency, @j6_design and @seosherlock for your input when I asked on Twitter yesterday ‘What’s the one thing a big brand could do on Twitter to make you UNFOLLOW them?

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I really embrace big brands and organisations using Twitter. I think it’s an incredibly effective way for them to enable their clients to get advice and assistance and to build relationships with their clients or potential clients.

But, unfortunately, not every brand gets it right.

I follow many well known brands on Twitter but there are certain things that some of them do that make me unfollow them instantly. Here are 5 ways in which big brands irritate me on Twitter.

Following Nobody

I don’t expect everyone I follow to follow me back in much the same way that I don’t follow back everyone who follows me. But I get frustrated with brands who follow nobody. And the reason is that social media is, in my opinion, about listening as well as speaking. If a brand follows absolutely nobody, that’s a clear indication that they’re not there to listen and they’re only there to talk!

Over Self-Promotion

Of course Twitter is a great way to make people aware of new products or services, updates or anything of that nature. But if a brand is Tweeting several times a day and it’s only ever self promotion, rather than any engagement, then I’ll unfollow.

Never Tweeting

What’s the point in having a Twitter account if you never, ever update it? Answer: there isn’t one. Don’t bother!

Ignoring Questions or Comments

This is just ‘#plainrude’ to quote @ecomsam (still want to get that hashtag trending!). I understand some company’s reluctance to deal with customer service requests by Twitter, but there’s no excuse for not responding to questions even just to refer the user to the right place to ask these questions (a customer service link or number). Failing to respond to comments and questions that need a response really, really irks me

Auto-Tweeting Only

If all they’re doing is automatically Tweeting blog updates or stuff like that, I’m just not interested. I think automatically feeding relevant website updates to Twitter is great – but ‘manual’ updates are necessary too. That’s again part of the listening and speaking. Social media shouldn’t be entirely automated. It defeats the object!!

Over to You!

What do big brands do on Twitter that gets on your nerves?