Twitter Spammers Make me Want to Gauge Out my Eyes with Teaspoons

I like Twitter. That’s for a few reasons really – networking, finding out news about the Digital Marketing Industry (ok, ok, I’m a geek) and, I confess, finding out what certain celebrities are up to.

But I do not like spammers. No sooner does something become popular than a host of people set on ruining it for the rest of the world turn up plastering their spammy links offering cheap prescription anti depressants, viagra or adult services all over the place. And it seems they are no longer content at just posting these links on their own Twitter profiles. Oh no. Now they’re @ mentioning everyone who mentions certain keywords. Unfortunately those keywords aren’t just restricted to words that you might prefer to avoid anyway. Example…. ‘iPhone,’ is now a word where, every single time I mention it, I am quickly offered ‘free iPhone 4s’ by people calling me ‘sexy.’ The same people are posting shortened URLs (that I no longer ever click on) that I am sure probably go to a site that would make my browser declare that I am in imminent danger and should leave immediately.

Let me give you an example. Tonight I posted a complaint (for a change) about websites that look like crap on my iPhone. It was literally just a minute before I had a response:

twitter spammer

So apparently the scantily clad Karlyn thinks I’m sexy – so sexy in fact that she wants me to have a free iPhone 4.

I have two issues with this.

1 – I already have an iPhone and am about as likely to click on that link as I am to go on holiday to Libya this week.

2 – I can’t help but think the scantily clad Karlyn might not be who (s)he wants people to think (s)he is.

And just in case I was remotely at risk of thinking I was special and that Karl(yn) really did think I was sexy and wanted me to have a free iPhone 4, I double checked his/her Twitter page.

Sniffle. It seems I am not the only one.

twitter spam

No. I’m not the only one. In fact, neither is her boyfriend. She’s quite proud of the fact that she has a different one in every country. How many countries are there again? That seems like a lot of boyfriends.

Anyway, this is one of a dozen or so of this type of @ mention this week. Of course, you ca spot them a mile off so you do just ignore them. But I have push notifications on my iPhone for mentions on Twitter and it’s very disappointing to hear my little iPhone telling me I have notifications and then discovering they’re spam.

Don’t these people have something (ANYTHING) better to do?!

/rant over.