I (Not So) Secretly Love Post Secret

I came across Post Secret a year or so ago and didn’t pay much attention to it. My cynical view was that it would be cheesy one liners from people with nothing better to do than to anonymously share the names of people whose husbands they wanted to sleep with.

And, ok, you do get that. But since the app found its ways into the Apple App Store charts, I’ve become a little more intrigued and decided to download it.

Incidentally, here’s the Youtube promo vid for that app.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I like it. Quite a lot. Yes, of course you get a bit of spam (perhaps less because it’s a paid app) and you get crap too…and yes there are some of the EMO ‘omg like I am totally in love with my best friend’s neighbour’s cousin’s ex girlfriend’s best friend’s Uncle’s colleague’s sister’s husband.’ And there are so many spelling mistakes that I almost want to hate the concept for that reason alone. But let’s cast aside the word snobbery for a moment.

In amongst the stuff referred to above what you can find are really quite artistic little insights or digital post it notes of a sort. It’s quite intriguing to read things that people will only say because they know that they are anonymous.

I’m not about to start sharing my own secrets on Post Secret. But I like to read.