5 of my Favourite Photo Blogs

photo blogs

I like words. So there aren’t all that many photo based blogs on my favourites lists. But here are 5 I do really love.

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph is a user generated content blog. People take pictures of themselves holding up a photo from the past in the present and accompany this with a short message. It’s a unique idea and some of the contributions are simply beautiful.

Czermak Photography

Czermak Photography is a blog I have a particular interest in as it is that of my 14 year old cousin, Christopher. Christopher doesn’t update it anywhere near as often as he should, but he’s a young man with a very keen interest in photography and a natural ability to capture beauty with a camera.

Angry People in Local Newspapers

APILN is brilliant!! This blog celebrates the ‘art’ of local newspaper photography and is just hilarious. If you’ve ever enjoyed overly posed photographs of people infuriated by dogs pooing in parks, then this is for you.

Damn You Autocorrect

Not photography in its traditional form, granted. Damn You Autocorrect is a series of screenshots of text iPhone text messages gone wrong as a result of the in built autocorrect feature. Brilliantly funny.

Manchester Daily Photo

As a resident of Manchester, I’m always fascinated by how other people see the city I know so well. Manchester Daily Photo is, as you might imagine, a daily photo of Manchester! It’s one I go and check every couple of days and I reckon you should do the same.