I Like PAPER Newspapers…. and Other Reasons I Wouldn’t Buy an iPad

The original iPad was, without doubt, pretty cool. But I didn’t buy one myself. I played on one and browsed the web on one then handed it back to its owner and thought no more of it. Needless to say, I did not feel the overwhelming urge to go and spend £430 upwards on one. It will come as no surprise then that I certainly will not be in the (staged?) queues that will predictably form outside Apple shops all over the UK tomorrow when the iPad 2 goes on sale.

why not to buy an ipad2I’m not slating Apple. In fact, my favourite possession is my iPhone 4. Shiny, shiny, pretty, lovely, wonderful, amazing, stupendous, fantastic, wonderful, excellent iPhone 4. Otherwise known as “my baby.” But I still wouldn’t buy an iPad even if I were offered one at half price and even if it were signed by Steve Jobs himself….

But why not?

Well, perhaps I’m not the target market. I’m more of an internet content creator than consumer and nothing is quite as annoying as trying to type anything more than a quick Tweet on a touch screen keypad. So for me, it would be used for browsing the web, watching videos, for social media and for playing games.

But I already have a device on which I can do all of those things…. “my baby.”

It’s at this stage when I’m having this conversion with iPad fans that a few counter arguments come in:-

It’s better for reading newspapers

Maybe it is. But you know what is even better for reading newspapers than an iPad? A NEWSPAPER!! And for the price of the cheapest iPad 2 you could buy an annual subscription to the Guardian and Observer (to receive a newspaper EVERY DAY for a year),  buy several novels, a Starbucks coffee and get some change. Plus, you get the benefit of that genuine papery goodness.

Call me old fashioned, but I like turning pages. Real pages.

iPhone screens are too small for video

Ok… if you want the large screen experience sit in front of your TV. Do you remember that old thing? Or even better, go to the cinema. For the price of the cheapest iPad, you could buy your TV license for a year and get your hands on about 35 cinema tickets (or 70 if you go on Orange Wednesdays ;-)). Imagine that.

Personally, I watch videos on my iPhone… never particularly long ones. But I would be unlikely to sit and watch a film on an iPad either. If I’m in the house, I’ll watch it on the TV and if I am out and about I am usually occupied doing things that don’t involve watching films.

It’s great for just checking something quickly online

Ah yes. Browsing. That old thing… well, I have Safari on my beautiful iPhone. And I have a laptop too. Now if there is something that my iPhone screen isn’t displaying properly or a particularly complex website that is a pain in the arse to navigate with an iPhone touch screen… I wouldn’t want to then try it on an iPad touch screen. I would just turn the laptop on. And for quick browsing, the iPhone is great. Apps make social media an absolute dream on the iPhone too.

It looks awesome…

Yes, it does. There is no denying that it’s pretty…. But so are daisies and they don’t cost £400!

So for me, the iPad is just unnecessary. Of course, we all like unnecessary things from time to time… but I wouldn’t be able to justify that spend on an iPad. Maybe it’s because I have a Smartphone.