Awesome Twitter Tools

I’m a bit of a Tweet geek. Not only do I hash tag sentences all over the place (not only in Twitter) and let my iPhone Twitter app send me push notifications if someone mentions me, but I use a host of tools and awesome graphical thingies that just add that extra level of, “oooh,” to Twitter.

Well, for me at least.

So here are the Twitter tools I’m using at the moment for general geekery and “oooh-ness.” You should try them.


The Archivist keeps a record of Tweet data for you. Start an archive of whatever terms you want. For me, I (so far) have ‘staceycav’ (my own username – yes, I am that vain), ‘tecmark’ (work) and ‘iPad 2’ (because it’s a hot topic of conversation and I like pretty graphs).

Twitter Archivist

twitter archivist

Easily view data such as the users talking about your elected topic the most, the links referring to it and so on quickly and easily. And it’s free. Check it out.

Manage Flitter

Brilliant website that lets you type in your username and then presents you with a list of the people you are following who are not following you back. Now personally, I don’t follow people just for the follow back… so this isn’t as relevant for me personally as the ability to see inactive people you are following. If you’re following people who haven’t Tweeted in months, then they’re clearly not active and I tend to keep active folk on the follow list. So for me, the inactive users tend to be purged more than the “awww, he’s not following me back,” types.

Manage Flitter

Check it out!

Mention Map

This is so frikkin cool. Well, in my opinion anyway. This is an interactive “map” charting the people you talk to, what you talk to them about and who they talk to. Awesome stuff. I would embed my own Mention Map here but unfortunately, for some reason it isn’t working for me. And when things like that don’t work for me, I tend to just forget about it rather than wrestle. Yay for technical determination. Instead I will screenshot mine for you and encourage you to get your own here.

twitter mention map


I have blogged about Formulists before, a tool then makes generating lists on Twitter a lot, lot easier than the otherwise manual and laborious job it can be. Formulists does it for you, basically. And, if you want it to, it will automatically keep your lists updated for you too. Über cool! Check that out here.


Find out about the most active users in a whole host of different cities, find users by their “Twitter-versaries,” (mine is today incidentally) and go back and look at a user’s first ten Tweets or followers, for example.

It was enlightening to find out my first five (uninteresting) Tweets were:

Twitter Twopcharts

You can check that out here.

I know there are literally thousands of tools out there. Personally I use a dozen or so more than I have included here, but there are my favourites.

What about yours?