#100factsaboutme is (at 9:30pm UK time on 20th March 2011) a global trending topic on Twitter. This confuses me because Twitter is limited to 140 characters. But, I feel like I am missing out, so am going to embark upon an incredibly egotistical, self-indulgent, “me, me, me,” style post in order that I can play.

Yes, I feel like I’m missing out.

  1. I live in Manchester
  2. I love my iPhone
  3. I also love Dexter
  4. I want to have Dexter’s babies. Sort of. In a bizarre way….
  5. I spent yesterday on roller coasters in Blackpool
  6. I’m a Spotify convert
  7. David Cameron makes me angry
  8. I have a crush on Simon Cowell
  9. I absolutely love English Literature
  10. However, I think Shakespeare is overrated (you can hate me if you like)
  11. I prefer dogs to most people
  12. I swear too much
  13. But that’s ok because I love Stephen Fry and he condones swearing
  14. I work in Internet Marketing
  15. I’ve lived with my boyfriend, Micky, for 5 years now
  16. I own more than one Disney cuddly toy
  17. I’m going to Cuba for the second time this May
  18. I have one sibling… my little brother
  19. Kiwi fruit confuses me. I was always told not to eat hairy food….
  20. I rather like tangerines
  21. But I like Blue WKD more (naughty!)
  22. I’ve lived in Manchester City Centre for a year… and LOVE not commuting
  23. I would love to walk on the moon
  24. I want to go to the Rio Carnival before I die
  25. I write something every single day
  26. I’m absolutely terrified of spiders
  27. I really don’t like cats
  28. I idolise Oscar Wilde
  29. If I could have any super power, I’d go for mind reading
  30. I’m really bad at admitting when I’m in the wrong
  31. I’m incredibly competitive
  32. I spend too much time on Facebook
  33. I get really moody if I don’t get enough sleep
  34. Youtube is one of my favourite things
  35. I cry at sappy films (I blame biology)
  36. I have never watched any of the Star Wars films but still claim to hate them all
  37. I love Twitter
  38. I hate stupid, narrow minded people
  39. I drink way too much coffee
  40. I once met Richard Branson
  41. I was with my boyfriend for well over a year before we met one another’s families
  42. My favourite colour is red
  43. I just swore out loud because I’m not even at 50 yet and I already resorted to the “favourite colour,” thing
  44. I am currently listening to Muse
  45. I like terrible jokes that nobody else finds funny
  46. I’ve learned to regret nothing and consider everything a lesson
  47. I consider Eminem the greatest poet of my generation
  48. I still remember the names of every teacher I had in school
  49. I read Wuthering Heights for the first time when I was in sixth form. I’ve since read it a further six times
  50. To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of my favourite books of all time
  51. I have a Nintendo Wii and an obsession with a daft sword fighting game
  52. I started to learn Swahili when I was planning to go to Kenya…
  53. However, I didn’t get very far as Kenya ended up being changed to Cuba owing to violence in Kenya at the time
  54. I still plan to revisit Swahili
  55. Noah and the Whale make me happy
  56. In my opinion, Charles Darwin is next to God
  57. I’ve visited Oscar Wilde’s grave in Paris
  58. I was raised Catholic but am now Agnostic
  59. I cannot sing at all – totally tone deaf
  60. I write poetry. Or try to….
  61. I’m originally from Oldham
  62. The person who inspires me most in the world is my Nan
  63. I hate cricket, mostly because I don’t understand the concept of a game lasting 5 days!
  64. Doodle Jump for iPhone makes me swear
  65. I screamed like a six year old when a stupid thing jumped out at me on a ghost train yesterday
  66. My favourite album of the moment is Adele’s ‘21’
  67. I think the guy from REM is a lyrical genius
  68. I have two tattoos (that I got when I was 16 and 18) and I’m just glad now that they’re easily hidden
  69. My Mum is awesome
  70. I had a black Labrador called Ollie… and when he died I cried for days
  71. I watch the X Factor. Avidly
  72. I also watch Britain’s Got Talent
  73. Not only do I watch them both, but I actually look forward to each new series
  74. And I give up Saturday nights out when X Factor is on!
  75. I’m almost 26 and already considering lying about my age
  76. I have been in 2 long term relationships
  77. I don’t compromise well
  78. I make a mean apple crumble
  79. I love jalapeño peppers. Yum
  80. I like cottage cheese… even though it looks like mashed brains
  81. I want to visit New York before I die
  82. I want to visit Las Vegas before I die
  83. I get seriously annoyed when I lose at anything
  84. My favourite possession is my phone
  85. I get up an hour before I need to during the week because I hate feeling rushed
  86. I sleep for 12 hours a night at the weekend. At least….
  87. I over analyse people
  88. I love Google Analytics. Sad, I know 😉
  89. I love the Canadian accent
  90. I love listening to French blokes speak English. Weird, I know….
  91. I once dressed up in Bavarian dress (yep, I had Lederhosen) for the Eurovision Song Contest
  92. I paint my face and wear St George’s cross earrings for the opening game of every football World Cup and European Cup.
  93. One of my biggest pet peeves is poor personal hygiene. There’s no excuse
  94. I also hate seeing people put apostrophes in plurals
  95. I am sad enough to take photos of spelling and grammar errors on signs and post them to my Facebook account
  96. I neglect this blog
  97. I haven’t written a letter by hand in over a year
  98. I love swimming
  99. I would rather be too hot than too cold
  100. I utterly despise winter.

There. Done.