What Dexter Teaches Us About Blogging

My name is Stacey and I’m addicted to Dexter.

There. I said it.

Dexter Blogging

Le Swoon.

Granted, there is probably something wrong in the fact that I am marginally infatuated with a fictional serial killer (albeit one who only kills the bad guys) but I’m shamelessly swooning and I can live with it.

Now, how do I link that to a post on this blog? I was determined enough to find a way, given that there’s nothing easier than writing about something you like a lot. So I figured I would go with ‘what Dexter teaches us about blogging.’ I’m not promising this will be a post worth reading with the tenuous link but stick with me – I’m working on it. Here goes…


Dexter’s Code of Harry tells us, ‘killing must serve a purpose, otherwise it’s just plain murder.’ We can (tenuously) apply this to blogging. Do you have something to say? Do you have a reason for posting? Is there something you think your readers will get out of reading your post? Entertainment, information…. a giggle? Have a reason for posting in mind before hitting the publish button.


In much the same way that the world’s sexiest fictional serial killer prepares meticulously beforehand, so too should bloggers…. No, I’m not talking about covering a room in plastic and polishing your weapons. I’m talking about research. If you are going to tell your readers something, have the facts to back it up. Empty statements such as ‘loads of people use iPhones,’ can be made much fuller with actually putting a number in there (and citing your source). Research your topic area so you can provide as much information as possible to your readers. That adds value and value means subscribers 🙂

The Element of Surprise

You have to surprise your victims readers. Sneak up behind them and (no, don’t tranquilise them) tell them something they were not expecting to read on your blog. If you stand in front of them reeling off the same material that can be found everywhere else on the web, then what you’re going to end up with is a set of bored readers. Tell them something they haven’t been told anywhere else yet.

Clean Up After Yourself

It’s ok to sit on the fence throughout any blog post and present reasons for and against something. It’s ok too to ramble off topic from time to time (says the blogger who just wrote 400 words trying to link TV serial murder to blogging). But wrap up your post with a decent conclusion – tie up loose ends.

So, he’s not just a (ridiculously handsome) fictional TV serial killer, general brainiac and object of my most recent obsessions. He’s now a blog topic – questionably so. Now excuse me, I’ve just started season 2.Yes, I’m four years behind, so I really have a lot of catching up to do! Ah, Dexter!