Police to Get Facebook Training

So, the Government has just announced the biggest budget cuts in a generation here in the UK, that (over the next few years) could leave literally thousands upon thousads of public sector workers unemployed. All this comes, let’s add, in a time where there is real danger of another economic dip and we are in no way ‘out of the woods’ financially yet. So, after they cut a load of budgets, how do they celebrate these “necessary measures?”

By investing in Facebook training for Police!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can see the value of Stalkerbook Facebook in gathering information about criminal suspects. But does it really require formal training? I would hazard a guess that most of these police officers have used Facebook before. And I have to question whether the useful bit of information that may come from Facebook justifies any real training investment in a time when there’s all these cuts.

I’m sure, as well as the potentially useful information, the police will also come across a lot less useful information. Like how their suspect’s girlfriend’s brother’s best friend’s next door neighbour’s nephew’s ex wife is now seeing someone else and how her former is now… well, “it’s complicated.”

Anyway, rant over.