You’re Coming on a Little Strong….

If a guy or girl came up to you in the street (assuming you were single, looking and attracted to said guy or girl) and randomly said “Hey…Let me take you for dinner. Can I get your number?” what would you do?

Ok, given the number of psychopaths, stalkers, murderers and neurotic people around these days you might walk slowly backwards pointing a can of CS gas in their general direction. But for the purpose of my point here, we are going to pretend that this person is a ‘normal’ person and you WANT to go out with them. Bear with me… I do have a point somewhere in here.

So, assuming you are very keen to go out with the randomer who just asked you out in the street, what would you do? I’ll hazard a guess that you would pass them your number, smile politely and hope to hear from them soon.

I’m going to hazard a further guess that you probably wouldn’t jump up and down and recite, in an almost robot like fashion, the following:-

“Thanks so much for asking me. Here is my number. But here’s my email address too, my home address, my work’s phone number, my Mother’s telephone number, the address of my best friend, the address of the Starbucks I stop at every single morning on my way to work… oh and my work’s address too. So… let’s hook up!”

Because if you did (unless the individual was one of the pre-mentioned psychos) he or she would probably walk away slowly, considering you restraining order material and it would be a fair assumption that your dinner date wouldn’t happen.

For those of you now wondering what the Hell I am talking about and how on Earth this links in to the general theme of this blog, allow me to elaborate. I have a pet peeve (yes, another). When I follow someone, I have come to sort of expect an automated direct message. I can live with that. A blog link, a quick hi… it’s harmless enough. But what I hate is when I follow someone and then I get an automated DM listing a whole host of other social media platforms I can find them on. In fact, I followed someone recently who had so many different social platforms he wanted me to “hook up” with him on that he sent 3 DMs! And then a follow up “hi” the week after to remind me of them!! A link or two, I can live with – your social media life story before I’ve even read a Tweet is a little much.

Let me check out your Tweets before you give me every other site in the world that you want me to follow you on, connect with you on or become a fan of you on….

Now, granted, following someone on Twitter is by no means the same as asking someone out in the street. But you can see my point, right? Sort of? Maybe a little?? Oh well…. 🙂