The 10 Commandments of Twitter

I think it’s high time we got some realistic rules laid out, don’t you?

1. Thou Shalt not spam thy followers repeatedly, with the same Tweet over and over again. It serves no purpose other than to truly p**s people off.

2. Thou shalt not send multiple automated direct messages. It gets boring. If you insist on sending ANY automated ones, at least get all your information in one.

3. Thou shalt not conduct your domestic disputes on Twitter. At least, not if you wish to maintain any ounce of credibility.

4. Thou shalt not RT every single tweet from your best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s friend’s channel just because you fancy her.

5. Thuo shalt not Tweet the contents of your breakfast bowl every single morning. Once in a while is forgiveable. But, particularly if you have an account that you also use for business purposes, the fact that you are having cornflakes at 7:15am is of little interest to most people.

6. Thou shalt not follow and de-follow en masse. It’s called “spam.”

7. Thou shalt not spend all your time Tweeting @stephenfry and @justinbieber in the hope of getting a mention. Once, twice… ok. But really, seventeen times a day? That’s called stalking.

8. Thou shalt not have twenty people involved in the running of one Twitter account. Social networking is a really quite personal form of netwokring/marketing and having multiple people running the accuont means it loses its identity, people cannot come to feel as though they know the Tweeter if the Tweeter is that many people. The fewer, the better, one ideally!

9. Thou shalt not mention me in your spammy Tweets. Just because you “@” me doesn’t mean I’m interested in your spammy plan to make me an overnight dot com bazillionaire (for the small fee of $100)!

10. Thou shalt not plead for RTs on EVERY TWEET. I dno’t mind “please RT,” once in a while for a good cause or a good reason. But when you add it to every single Tweet, not only does it make me NOT RT, it makes me “unfollow,” too!