I Heart Formulists

I’m becoming a bit of a list fiend on Twitter – largely because I follow a good 600 people now (and that number is growing)! But I actually like to read people’s Tweets too… and when you exceed 100 people, you actually miss quite a lot. Anyway, that’s how I started putting everything into lists, which is a fairly laborious process to say the least.

But I just came across a tool for this that I am very much loving at the moment. It’s making the job somewhat simpler. Note: I’m not an affiliate of said tool nor do I have anything to do with. I’m just a fangirl keen user.

It’s called Formulists (http://formulists.com/) and it basically helps you to automatically create lists, either of new people or, which I was more interested in, from your existing followers/followees.

Much quicker than the process I was using – “find people, click, put in list…repeat.”

Anyway, I thought you might rather like it…