The Facebook Apocalypse

I’m sure it isn’t only me who is sick of those group invites that basically tell you Facebook is going to start charging you to use the site unless ten billion people and all of their friends join such and such a group.

Why do people still believe this?

For a start, if Facebook were going to charge its users for access, I’m thinking they would find a better way to notify us all than by nominating a handful of illiterate users and saying, “Hey you. If you don’t set up a group, spam all your friends and make them join it, then we are going to make everyone pay.”

I don’t know what annoys me more. The people who set these groups up or the mass panic brigade who believe it. I had another invitation today from someone I knew years ago on Facebook. She did not start the group, but is passing it on. She evidently genuinely believes that Facebook is going to go pay-per-use and she thinks this is as tragic as the end of the world might be.

For a start: it’s not going pay-per-use. Secondly, if it did, that would not mean the end of the world. It wouldn’t be a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions, nobody would die as a result, the glaciers wouldn’t melt any quicker and the world would still turn.

So please, please, please stop sending me invitation to silly groups. Please? Pretty please? Spam is making Facebook irritating.