People Will do ANYTHING for a ‘Like’

Yes, we all know people in real life will do anything to be liked. But when it comes to social networking, a ‘like’ has a little more value than just someone’s opinion. On Facebook, getting enough people to ‘like’ your pages can really get you a lot of visibility, potentially powerful in driving traffic to websites and so on.

But it seems some people will do just about ANYTHING to achieve that.

When I logged in just now, I noticed this on my news feed:

I walked right into the trap, of course, by clicking on it and was pretty appalled to see this:

How sick? Someone is basically using somebody’s suicide (if this is actually remotely true) to publicise their frikkin page! I clicked on ‘like’ to see what happens… and then it takes you “share,” (where the ‘omg RIP to her’ message is already provided by default). I won’t share this. So I couldn’t see beyond that.

But irrespective of whether this is a true story of some poor girl committing or not, using her story (or even worse, inventing it) is really a pathetic way to  get people to ‘like’ your page.

Besides, there’s nothing more shallow than someone pretending to like you just to get something out of it, is there??