How F***ed Up Is Your Life? (And Other Facebook Quizzes)

I logged in to Facebook today for a nosey through the latest updates. My friends are all generally having pretty good summers. Lots of photo uploads from various holiday locations and overall incredibly chirpy wall posts.

And then this…..

Oh Happy Days!

Well, way to bring the mood crashing down. Thinking that it was a rather ‘biased’ quiz title, leaning generally towards concluding one way or another that your life is messed up to some degree, I couldn’t help but click through to take the test myself for humour’s sake. However, it wouldn’t let me unless I was prepared to allow it some level of access and I wondered whether this might mean it ended up posting this stuff automatically to my wall. That was a no-go. Why on Earth would I want my family and friends seeing some manic depressive style quiz result that has decided on my behalf that the world is against me? I wouldn’t.

The same rules apply for all of QuizBone’s quizzes. You can check out their titles but you can’t take them without allowing the application access.

I honestly can’t bring myself to put a manic depressive one on my wall, but curious as to just what questions these quizzes would comprise of, I took one…

Who is your celeb boyfriend?

Now, I only picked that one because Taylor Lautner is my guilty pleasure and his picture was used! I can categorically say that, unless my other half has a secret life as a Morrissey tribute act, that the nearest I have or will ever come to a celebrity boyfriend is the life size cut out of Peter Andre that I had as a teenager. Anyway…. here’s how that quiz went:

Erm….well, I’m tone deaf, couldn’t act if my life depended on it, have the musical abilities of a half dead goldfish and if I started rapping my boyfriend would have me sectioned…. so I suppose that leaves, ‘Write lyrics.’ I’m beginning to wonder if this is the right quiz for me… assuming there are very few celebrity ‘boytoy’ digital media marketers out there.

Ah now this one I can answer. Humour! A pretty boy with the personality of a wet dish cloth holds no appeal to me. And I would hate to date someone who fancies themselves as being more creative than me 😉 Not that I’m competitive or anything. Ahem.

Hmm, this one is simple enough. Red. But I am confused as to when ‘rainbow’ became a colour.

Erm…well… if I had a choice I would go to a theme park or Go-Karting or something fun. I certainly wouldn’t suggest hanging out in town with yoghurt! Is it just me who thinks that’s weird. So I guess, given my love of beaches, I’ll take that one.

Ok, I’m 25. That isn’t old. But this quiz just made me like an inhabitant of the local geriatric hospital. Seriously? 16 is an option???

If I knew who I were going to get on this quiz I wouldn’t have just spent the last couple of minutes of my life doing this. I will never get those minutes back you know. However, just because I secretly love Twilight, I’ll hazard a guess at Taylor?

Oh no…. my guess was wrong.

Lil Wayne? Lil Wayne? Seriously? QuizBone thinks that I am having a secret celebrity affair with Lil Wayne?

I specified that I don’t like to rap, that I like funny guys and quite like the beach. So QuizBone has set me up with a rapper currently serving prison time for the possession of a loaded gun, who is about as funny as tooth ache?

I’m thinking there’s something going wrong with the ‘science’ behind this one!

Oh well…. if applications are good for nothing else, they’re alright for laughing at!