Facebook Going all ‘Foursquare?’

So, Facebook are going all Foursquare, it seems.

I posted about Fourquare a while back – having concluded that it makes life a little too easy for stalkers. See, I don’t mind stalkers, just as long as they do some bloody hard work for their information! 😉

Anyway, Facebook has obviously seen opportunity in this Stalker-Information style service and so has announced, ‘Places.’ And guess what? It works pretty much just like Foursquare does in that yuo “check in” from wherever you are. I don’t think there’s any Mayorships to be had, though, but given Facebook’s 500 million strong user base, I’m thinking there’s a good chance it might outshine Foursquare.

When you check in at a location, it will share that info with your friends, allowing them to comment or ‘like,’ (which, let’s face it, is just a lazy alternative to a comment). But is it really relevant? Do your hundreds of friends care one iota if you log in from Starbucks in Piccadilly Gardens? Do they give a damn if you login from a train station. It’s not exactly exciting news, is it?

Hmm… maybe they should add, alongside the “like” option, a “Who gives a damn?” option….

Now, let’s face it, Facebook doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to privacy, so whether or not this is yet another move that backfires remains to be seen.

For now, the social media giant isn’t monetizing this service. Though, of course, there is potential in the future for them to engage companies and earn quite lucrative sums from it.