5 of the Most Random Twitter Users!

Twitter’s proving as popular for humour as for business, as big a hit with the self-declared ‘social media gurus’ as it is for celebs. But let’s take a little wander off the beaten Twitter track and stop talking celebs and business for a moment. Here are five of my absolute favourite (and completely bonkers) Twitter users.

Big Ben

Pointless. Absolutely pointless… but I love it. This is an automated account that simply tweets “bong, bong,” on the hour, every hour in the fashion of London’s famous Big Ben clock. So at one o clock, you get one bong. At two you’ll get two and so on. No, it won’t change the world. But for some reason I still like this enough to continue to follow it, despite the fact that I know exactly what it’s going to say and when! I’m evidently not the only one who finds this entertaining, as (on July 6th 2010) the account has 55,953 followers and features on 2,672.

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goatsbot twitterGranted, this one isn’t anywhere near as popular (yet, at least) as Big Ben. However, it amuses me nonetheless. I stumbled upon this entirely accidentally. I Tweeted a post someone had written on random facts about Google. One such fact was that the search giant rents goats to keep its lawns trim at its HQ. I Tweeted the post, with mention to the goats fact and found it had been retweeted by “Goats Bot.” Indeed, this is another automated account that simply retweets anything at all that mentions “goats.” It won’t exactly have you rolling on the floor laughing until you cry or anything, but features here for sheer random value! And bonus… now you know how to get a guaranteed retweet!

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Shit My Dad Says

shit my dad says twitterThere’s a good chance that you’ve already heard this one! With almost 1.5 million followers (as of 6th July) and featuring on more than 37,000 lists, it’s fair to say this is a rather popular account. Basically, it’s a 29 year old guy simply Tweeting the words of his 70-something Father. However, it just so happens that his Father is unintentionally hilarious. Example? Absolutely… “I didn’t say you were ugly. I said your girlfriend is better looking than you, and standing next to her, you look ugly.” Really very entertaining….

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Cheryl Kerl

cheryl kerl on twitterThis always entertains me, though I’m not 100% sure whether or not that is more to do with the fact I spent a few years in the North East of England and live with a Geordie Mackem Somewhere-near-Newcastle-ian. However, I do like it…. Someone’s basically set up an account in honour of Geordie X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole. If you’re not familiar with the dialect, however, this might take some translation for you. Every Tweet is written as Ms Cole herself might say it – albeit slightly hugely exaggerated. But the ‘language barrier’ certainly isn’t putting off potential followers, as Ms. Kerl now boasts in excess of 30,000 fans on the social media site.

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Bad Journalism

Oh when journalism goes wrong, it does so spectacularly and the Bad Journalism Twitter account is only happy to share examples. From inappropriate (but hilarious) typos (such as the Oxford Mail missing the u from the word ‘county’) to simply poorly written articles, this account celebrates all things going wrong in the papers. Certainly worth a follow, as over 18,000 already agree!

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