Life in 140 Characters….

twitter life story

Twitter is amazing. But let me honest. When I first heard about it my instant reaction was, “What a stupid idea? Blog posts that are limited to 140 characters? THAT will never take off.”

Yes, my words were well and truly swallowed when not all that long later I became a bit of a fan… reluctantly at first. But now I use Twitter both professionally and personally and really do see the benefits both for recreation and networking.

Evidently, I think about Twitter too much, as I was randomly contemplating what I am about to post on my short walk home from work this evening. What if we all went a little bit Twitter-insane and we were limited to 140 characters to sum up our day? Our week? Our year? Our lives?

Well, I’m taking up the challenge (and very much invite you to do the same). Sum up your life in 140 characters or less – no links! 😉


Awesome family, boyfriend job and friends! Lucky girl, but there are days that I forget it. Perfectly flawed. Different… just like you. 😉