The Annoying Things About Facebook

I love Facebook. Really, I do. But that’s not to say there aren’t things about it that really irritate me. No, I’m not going to start delving into the legality or politics of their privacy policy. I’m talking more about…


Whose idea was this? And why must I be constantly harrassed by people who want me to help them grow their virtual tomatoes? Farmville is the most evil thing about Facebook. I know you can turn daft notifications like that off, but the fact you have to does p**s me off. It turns your friends into psychos who become offended because you don’t care about their pixel turnips!

It seems I’m not alone in my Farmville hatred, as a Facebook page “I Hate Farmville,” has almost 20,000 ‘likes’.

hate farmville

So I’m not alone in wondering how people can be so entertained by growing non-existent and therefore entirely inedible pixel food.

Status Shuffle

Another application that enables users to generate random status updates. Evidently designed for those who lack the imagination to think their own status updates up and some of them are particularly annoying. Status Shuffle claims to have the largest selection of ‘funny’ status updates on the web. Funny, huh? Well, I had a play with it and the random ones it generated for me weren’t in the least bit funny and were grammatically questionable at times. Have some examples:

status shuffle

That's you told....

Status shuffle

Someone really needs to cheer up!

status shuffle

So there....

See…. not remotely funny. The writers really ought to pull on their happy pants! In fact, I am beginning to wonder whether they’re written by a bunch of emo seven year olds.

Dirty Laundry

No, not an application or a game, but people who have an entire argument on someone’s Facebook wall. Family secrets, affairs, rumours and gossip… you name it, you can find it on Facebook. Is it really necessary to share with the entire world the fact that you just had an argument with your husband because he can’t be arsed to help you wash up? Or that you feel like your boyfriend is neglecting you? Or that your next door neighbour’s wife’s best friend’s sister’s son is chatting up your friend’s cousin’s neighbour’s wife even though he knows she’s married?

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a chuckle at some ‘Facebook Dirty Laundry Airing,’ but most of the time, it’s actually just rather dull…. Make a phone call, people!

‘Liking’ Status Updates

This is just a lazy man’s comment. And people ‘like’ all kinds of crap!! Then you get the people who like their own status updates! If the status liking function really must stay, then I demand a ‘dislike’ function too…. pretty please?

Photo Tagging

There’s no way you can have a night out anymore and expect your dignity to remain in tact. Camera phones combined with mobile Facebook is lethal. You will get drunk. Your friends will take some appalling photographs of you. They will tag you in said photos. Your Mother will see pictures of you looking slightly worse for wear and dancing with someone three times your age and she will probably comment on them… Yes, you can de-tag. But you probably won’t manage that before half of your friends have seen the offending images.

So there. 5 of my own personal pet peeves on Facebook. That’s not to say I don’t love it though…Now excuse me, I have some status updates to go and ‘like.’