A Little Social Media Rhyme (Terribly Geeky)!

Yes, I am sad enough to sit & rhyme social networking sites. Oh well….

Come in and relax,
Grab a coffee, be seated,
For a tale of a time
When only birds Tweeted….
A tale of a time
When you’d only Digg holes,
And Stumble on rubbish
Left out on the floor,
When Buzz was a sound
You might be hear from a bee,
Before MySpace and Facebook
Made stalking easy.
Before we all cared about
Liking or adds,
And Hi5 was the gesture
Of embarrassing Dads,
Go back to a time
Before that blue bird,
A time before ‘Bebo’
Could pass as a word!
When writing on walls
Was anti-social and rude
A time when delicious
Was only for food…
I did have a tale,
Of that distant time,
But appear to have lost it
In this tacky rhyme…
So excuse me a moment,
I have to retreat,
I’ve got people to follow
And links to retweet!