Excuse Me, But Your Baby is Ugly…

… that’s not something you would ever say to someone is it?

By the same token, I have a personal issue where I struggle to tell people that their blog is ugly. Ok, ok, granted. A blog is hardly a baby, but when someone has spent literally hours and horus designing their own themes and implementing them onto their own personal hobby website (it’s always the hobby sites people are more passionate about) I never have the heart to tell them it really doesn’t work.

I’ve no problem telling people something doesn’t look right on a business website. In Internet Marketing that can be part and parcel of the process. But when it’s someone’s own personal project, it’s just not something I feel comfortable doing.

Now let me make something clear… I don’t think any of my own blogs are exactly model material. But I tend to go basic, quick and simple. If, like me, you’re not a developer and simply don’t have the technical expertise to create your own theme, then customisable plain and simple ones tend to do the trick quite nicely.

However, when your friends spend hours labouring over these funky, elaborate designs and then ask, “So, what do you think?” and the answer isn’t what they want to hear, what do you say?

I tend to take the “well… the text is a little difficult to read,” approach to begin with. If that doesn’t do it then, “You know, it’s quite busy. Some of your graphics are taking my attention from the content a little.”

I do love some of the custom designs you see around. There’s some amazing work going on by professional and even amateur designers. And I certainly don’t demand that a blog look amazing before I read it…. but if my eyes hurt and you have flourescent green text on a neon pink background, I will probably leave before giving myself a migraine….