Guest Posting – Why Bother?

For anyone not familiar with guest posting, it basically involves writing up some content for another blogger, who will then run it on their site. Guest posting is not usually paid. Now for those of us who struggle to juggle time so much that we don’t always even get chance to update our own blogs, the concept of investing time into writing content for someone else’s might seem a little odd. But there’s really a lot of benefits to be had!


More often than not, the blogger whose blog you post on will include a link to your own site! We all like a lot of links! This could drive even more traffic over to your blog! Yay!

Exposure to a Different Audience

Your readers know your blog well. But your readers are just a handful of the readers out there. Tapping into the audience of another blogger could increase your own blog’s audience.

The Chance to Write Something Different

Your readers know your style and it’s sometimes easy to slip into the habit of simply catering for them, knowing what they want and basically doing it. This can lead to bloggers being a little less experimental as their blog grows. You might decide to guest post on a blog of a completely different niche, which will give you a whole new topic to write on. But even if you write posts for blogs in the same niche, you can still try something a bit different. The blogger who is letting you run your material on their blog will expect you to have read the blog and know what his or her readers like. That might mean you have the opportunity to use a different tone or take a different angle on a topic you are already familiar. For those who blog regularly on their own sites, this can feel like a really refreshing break sometimes.


Posting on someone else’s blog is a great networking opportunity. For a start, many bloggers Tweet about their posts, including their guest writer’s contributions. This can mean you pick up Twitter followers with an interest in the type of thing you write about. But aside from their audience, networking with other bloggers themselves is incredibly useful, particularly those in a similar niche. Getting to know the people who blog in the same niche as you is an excellent way to build a community. We all know blogs thrive on a community around them.

So there are benefits to be gained, that’s for sure! I use a great forum for finding guest posting opportunities. It’s called My Blog Guest and I recommend you head over there and find some opportunities for yourself.