Advertising on Your Blog – The Options

Advertising on your blog is one way in which you can generate revenue from the hard work you put in. But what are the options available?


Google’s own answer to in site advertising! This is a pretty clever system really, allowing Google to place selected ads, in accordance with you content so as to increase the relevancy of those ads for your readers. You can place ads anywhere you like on your blog and it’s a relatively easy means of advertising to install. Its revenues will vary massively, however, dependant upon the niche area of your blog. Consider that what you earn from each click on one of these ads is dependant upon what the advertiser is paying per click and this again depends on the competitiveness of a sector. While finance related clicks might bring in a few dollars each, you’re likely only ever to see pennies for links relating to greetings cards, for example. Find out more about Adsense:


Kontera is, like Adsense, a form of pay per click advertising. Again, the ads it implements are based on the content of your blog. Essentially, the ads “attach,” themselves to certain words or phrases within your blog and become visible when users scroll across those words. Again, you will earn revenue based on the number of clicks you get and the amount that the advertiser is paying for each click. Find out more about Kontera here:


Very, very similar to Kontera, Infolinks also uses in-text advertising related to your blog’s niche. Yes, once again it’s pay per click. Find out more about that here:

Sponsored Reviews

There are a number of websites out there where you can sign up and be paid to write reviews about a product or service. There’s of course an ethical question about this. Is it ok to endorse something just because someone is paying you? Ok, ok, so the celebs do it all the time, right? But there is an issue with this for a lot of people. Sites like will allow advertisers to specify whether they want to the post to be a full on review, an overview or just an industry relating piece linking back. Of course, it’s only fair to your readers to specify that you were paid to mention that particular product or service, but even then, there really does remain a moral question over this for many.

Sell Your Own Ads

If you do not want to be bound by the restrictions of using a third part ad provider, why not sell your own advertising privately? This means you can negotiate your own pricing and ad types, that you can vet every single ad before it goes live and essentially have full control over advertising on your blog.

These are just 5 of hundreds of options. Small equivalents of AdSense are cropping up all the time, Yahoo does PPC and the number of providers is going up steadily. Let me know if you find a better service!!