Deleting Posts….

Should you delete posts from your blog? The eternal question.

Actually, the eternal question is probably something more poignant like “To be or not to be,” or “What is the meaning of life.” But this is a question anyway, albeit probably not the eternal question. But whatever, I’m going off on a tangent here.

Of course you wouldn’t delete your successful posts, the ones you get the most hits on and have been post linked to. But what I am talking about is whether or not you should go back and delete posts you’re, retrospectively, not so keen on. Or perhaps ranting posts that you really wish, after the moment, you had never hit ‘publish’ on.

There are arguments either way really. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that if the post has already been indexed by Google, even deleting it won’t remove it from Google’s cache. But for the sake of removing content from your blog, I would say certain circumstances do warrant complete removal of a post:

  • Something you have said turns out to be libelous.
  • Something you’ve written is causing distress to a large number of readers (not just one or two).
  • Something you have said is ‘over-emotional,’ for example, written when you were upset/angry and therefore not reflective of your actual thoughts.

But largely, even posts that you later decide you simply ‘don’t like,’ are worth keeping. Consider it a journal of your writing style. Whatever you don’t like about a post, consider it a lesson not to do it again!