How Important is Appearance?

Ok, so drop the mirror! I’m not talking about YOUR appearance… or mine, or anyone’s for that matter. What I’m talking about is how important it is for a website to look good.

Is it even important? Does it matter?

A quick trip down memory lane to the nineties and you might well remember the blingy, glittery websites that often came with plenty of impossible to read text and way too many animated images. Ah those were the days! But what about now? It’s almost 2010! Do we really have an excuse for blinging up our blogs? And does it really matter what it looks like anyway if the content is killer?

Well, yes. It does. And not because we are shallow!! Nobody is saying a blog needs to be put together by a world class designer. There are plenty of great looking freebie WordPress themes out there that do look awesome. In fact, I personally don’t think it’s necessarily about a blog looking perfect as much as it is about it not looking awful. For me, how a blog looks is less about ‘aww pretty,’ and more about functionality.

  • Can I read the posts clearly?
  • Can I find what I am looking for?
  • Does it hurt my eyes to visit the blog?

I personally like a keep it simple approach. I don’t like blogs that are too busy. It detracts attention away from the content and it’s the content that people are reading the blog for in the first place.

Even a blog written by the world’s best content writer would fail to keep me coming back if it actually made my eyes bleed just to read it!