Is Twitter Essential?

Twitter is growing remarkably quickly. ‘Power users,’ many of them celebrities (Stephen Fry most notably) have increased the interest and hype surrounding the micro blogging platform and suddenly it seems that it’s the “must have,” social media profile.

But is it absolutely essential?

Take a look at some of the more notable blogs from the Technorati top twenty and you will find that the majority do have a “follow me on Twitter,” logo, inviting their regular readers to keep up to date with 140 character snippers of the blogger’s thoughts, moods and musings and of course, those all important blog update notifications. And indeed Twitter is proving highly effective for drawing traffic to blogs. You can post a simple title and URL and let people know instantly when something new goes live on your blog. Could this replace blog subscriptions? And if so, is that a good thing?

So of course the platform has its advantages…. but what if you don’t use it? Are you going to be left lagging behind your fellow bloggers?

Possibly, I think.

There are growing networks on Twitter now and it’s becoming more than just a way for your regular readers to follow you, but also for you to find new readers. Networks of bloggers have certain “people power,” in reaching the masses and readers of one blog, simply by going through the followers of that blogger, are starting to read other similar blogs. This is arguably one of the fastest growing means of networking online. So like it or lump it, it seems Twitter is a pretty critical tool for the bloggers.

Do I use it?? But of course!! I’m @staceycav