SEO – Does it affect content quality?

I am getting a little tired of reading posts slating SEO processes based on the fact that they ‘ruin content.’ This is hugely inaccurate.

Spammers ruin content. SEO strategists (the good kind at least) will probably reiterate over and over the importance of quality content as a part of your SEO strategy.

Those blogs you see full of keyword stuffed articles that read like nonsense – those are not written by SEOs. They’re written by spammers.

The whole point of Google is that it returns the best quality and most relevant material for every single search carried out on it. This is the core aim of the Google algorithm: to find good quality relevant content and penalise spam and with every update the algorithm gets better at doing just that.

But anyone writing an article, even if they have no plan to link build around it, should be considering certain elements of SEO when writing it. They should know the keyword it targets, include this in the title and repeat it where applicable when possible in the article (though absolutely not at the expense of how well the piece reads).

When it comes to having Google recognise your content’s topic, keywords are critical. It’s automated bots that return the information about a site to Google. They can only base an analysis of your site or page on your content so of course ensuring your keyword is present in key places (title, header tags and any page descriptions) is going to be essential for your rankings.

In no way should SEO ever be of detriment to your article. Your fundamental audience is human. Any blogs or sites that cater purely to Google bots are, as far as I am concerned, spam run by spammers and ‘optimised’ by spammers. There are no two ways around it.