5 Ways to Alienate Your Readers

Ok, so these aren’t exactly 5 things you will be rushing out to do. Consider this more a list of 5 things you probably shouldn’t do. Not unless you want rid of all your readers and for your blog to become the equivalent of a hermit.

1. Continually go off topic

Once or twice here and there, we all wander off our topic a little. But if your blog is about cars and you have written 4 posts in the last week about golf, you have probably lost a number of readers. Remember, your readers subscribe because they like your blog and they are interested in what you write about. Nobody subscribes to a blog about dogs in order to read about goldfish! Stay on topic as much as possible.

2. Slag off bloggers in your niche

If you have a band of followers who are hugely enthusiastic about what you blog, it’s fair to say they probably have a general interest in the niche itself. This means that there is a good chance they follow other blogs in the same niche and may well particularly like other bloggers. If you start bitching about other bloggers, you run the risk of offending a number of readers. Bear in mind that a good quantity of your readers will be bloggers themselves…. You know how awkward it is when you’re complaining about someone to a friend and your friend starts pulling a face that sort of screams, “stop talking,” and you turn around and find the very person you were complaining about it standing there with a purple face? No, that’s just me? Really? Anyway, slagging off your fellow bloggers could be the blogging equivalent. It’s awkward and not pleasant.

3. Closing or Policing Comments

A blog is a DISCUSSION platform, not a lecture platform. If you close comments, you are taking away the rights of your readers to have their say on your posts. It won’t be a popular decision. By the same token, operating a Gestapo like approach to moderating comments will just be seen as unnecessary censorship and again will alienate. Moderate only where necessary.

4. Ignoring Comments

If your readers not only take the time to read your post but also take the time to add their own thoughts to it, ignoring them is downright rude. At least acknowledge comments and certainly answer any questions someone asks!! If you get sooooo many comments that it’s impossible to do so, then remember to provide a contact form and refer people with questions to the contact form to get in touch directly.

5. Infrequent Posting

If you only post once a month, then people will get bored waiting for it and will have wandered off to find a more up to date blog with regular posts. Blog readers like to read blogs. They don’t, however, like to read the same post fifteen times. It has a habit of making your blog look out of date too, particularly if your latest post is about some ‘breaking news.’ Newsflash: it won’t be ‘news’ in three weeks.

So, by all means go out and commit blog-icide if you like, by alienating all your readers with these 5 strategies.

I don’t recommend it though.