A Saturated Niche – Avoid or Embrace?

When starting a blog, the biggest question comes in the form of which niche to blog on. While the best advice is generally to pick a topic that you have a strong opinion on and will not get bored or blogging on.

But what if the topic you’re passionate about blogging on just happens to lie in a particularly saturated niche in the blogosphere? Should you go ahead and blog on it anyway? Or avoid it like the plague?

There are positives and negatives to either of course. Now, in an ideal world you would decide to blog on a niche that hardly anyone is blogging on and then 6 months down the line, there will be some related press coverage or fad and the niche would explode into popularity. You would have a 6 month head start and your blog would be the God of all blogs in said niche.

However, we don’t live in an ideal world and while that outcome certainly isn’t impossible, it’s unlikely. And hedging your bets on a ‘maybe one day someone might search for a blog on this topic,’ isn’t the best concept for traffic generation for any blog. And blogging in an area that gets very few searches, while it means that you’ll probably be more easily found by the handful of people who do look, you drastically limit the number of people you’re likely to reach.

So to some extent your choice is limited to blogging in a niche where there are other blogs. How many other blogs will depend on which area, but either way, you’re going to have competition for readers. Embrace being in a competitive niche. Why? Because:

  • As a rule, the more competitive the blog, the more readers there are available.
  • Blog reading isn’t like making a big purchase. Readers can and will read more than one.
  • More blogs in a niche means more bloggers to network with and a bigger network of blogs to get involved with. This community aspect is a critical foundation of blogging.
  • Being in a competitive market means you’re constantly pushed to produce your best quality material.

So embrace the competitive markets. Get blogging and networking!