Why Do Guest Posts?

I have myself posted on a number of other blogs in the past and will continue to do so. Once I’ve got more material up here, I will probably open this up to guest posting too. But why? What are the benefits of giving someone else your content?

Widen Your Audience

Well, firstly, consider the extended audience you can read. There are a whole host of people who read other blogs and who do not reach yours. You can reach these audiences through guest posting. Perhaps these readers will not like your style and that is fine. But if even one of them likes your stuff, you have probably earned yourself another reader. Job worth doing.


Guest posting is a means of networking within your niche. You offer your content up for a discussion topic on the blog of someone who does something similar to you. This requires a certain amount of communication between you and the owner of the blog you are posting on and this is another contact in your niche. How is that a bad thing?


Most bloggers will happily offer up a link back to your blog for your guest post. This of course has SEO benefit, but more to the point tells people who stumble across you on one blog to find your own permanent blog.

So while it might seem a little as though you are just offering up perfectly good content for nothing, it’s not a freebie by any stretch. You’re gaining as much out of is as the person whose blog you are offering that content to. Consider it an exchange!