The Importance of a Blog Topic

I’ve set up a LOT of blogs. Some personal ones for the sake of a hobby, a number that I have set up and managed for other people. The best thing about blogging for hobby’s sake and just for yourself is that you can write on anything that you want.

A new blog is set up every single second as things stand. A significant proportion of those will not last more than a couple of months before the writer gets tired of maintaining it and abandons it, either leaving the content to sit stale in the blogosphere for as long as it will, or closing the blog down entirely.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons that someone might decide to close a blog, but a frequent one is simply a lack of motivation of passion for the topic matter. If you’re not truly passionate about what you’re doing, finding the motivation to post on those days that you’re tired, completely insanely busy or just not in the mood. A blog that’s not posted on frequently is neither use nor ornament to anyone. And therein lies the main reason that topic matter is so, so important.

Even if you’re a commercial blogger or someone looking for an extra income from blogging, it’s probably a good idea to still find something you’re keen on! Of course, certain niches lend themselves better to increasing the earning potential of a blog. But carry out some research and try to find something about that area that you can feel enthusiastic about. It will undoubtedly extend the life expectancy of your blog.