A Couple of Questions Answered….

So… I got an email earlier on, which is the second in as many weeks, asking me where/how I host my blog on my own domain. Sorry I haven’t actually got around to explaining this before. I sort of just take it for granted!!


I have found no place cheaper for domains than Go Daddy – at least for .com domains. It might be worth shopping around if you’re looking for .co.uk or other similar local ones. Mine is a personal blog and so I just went straight for the .com. No local relevancy required for me.


I host my blog with Just Host. I paid somewhere in the region of £40 for a year of unlimited hosting – that’s unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains. I can host as many as I like there.

Getting it all together

All I had to do was login to Go Daddy and go in to the dashboard for my domain. There is a section there that asks for ‘nameservers’. They will be allocated holding nameservers by GoDaddy, but if you plan to host independently of them (as I do) you will need to get the nameservers for your host. Just Host sent those to me in my welcome email. I just changed them as appropriate in the Go Daddy dashboard.

I then logged into my Just Host account and added the new domain. Within a couple of hours it was all good to go (though this can take up to 48 hours). WordPress was a one click install through Just Host.

This is a seriously simple guide because the process is particularly simple. I had no problems at all. Of course there are other hosts (probably cheaper for limited packages) and other domain providers. Just don’t get led into believing that you have to register a domain and host it with the same company. The best deals can often be had by shopping around!