5 Tips for Using Keywords in your Blog Posts

There is a type of blogger increasingly plaguing the blogosphere with bad content, overly stuffed with keywords (because they genuinely believe that’s an example of good SEO) at the expense of the quality of the content.

I hate reading blogs that are badly written just for the purpose of being able to fill out a post on a medical topic with car insurance related keywords or something similar. It makes no sense and the reasoning for doing it is totally transparent.

But that isn’t to say that using keywords is a bad thing. Giving the search engine crawlers instant ability to recognise that your blog or post is about a certain topic is positive for traffic generation. But there are ways to use them that don’t make your content read badly!

Keep on Topic

Don’t try to get car insurance keywords into a post on a blog that has always been about modern literature, for example. Stay on topic. Don’t create a blog post on an entirely unrelated topic just because you want a slice of that keyword pie.

Research your keywords

Get onto the Google keyword tool and find out how many people are searching for various keywords around the topic of your post. The more people are searching for a keyword, the more competitive that area as a general rule. It’s up to you how competitive a sector you want to post in, but have a good idea of how much competition you want for traffic to this post and choose a keyword appropriately.

Get your keywords into your title

The title of your post will be the first thing to give an indication of the topic matter, so getting your keyword in here is a good idea. This shouldn’t be difficult to do if your post is geared towards that keyword anyway.

Get your keywords into your opening paragraph

Because an opening paragraph is the introduction to your post, it should be easy enough to fit in the keywords naturally, making it an ideal place to do so.

Go Keyword Rich, not Keyword Stuffed!

There’s a huge difference between content that is keyword rich and content that is keyword stuffed. The Google crawlers are pretty advanced and they really only need to see the keyword a few times to recognise that this is the topic of the post. In addition to that, using it repetitively and where it doesn’t really fit can put you in danger of being flagged for spam. If a keyword doesn’t fit in that sentence, don’t use it!!

Getting the balance between not using your keyword enough and using it too much isn’t particularly easy. For a 300 word piece you should be able to get your keyword in there 3 times without a problem. If you can fit it in more naturally and it doesn’t damage the way the material reads, then great. Read your work back over to yourself once it is complete. If it doesn’t sound natural, don’t post it.