10 Ways to Make your Business Blog Compelling (Part 2)

Following on from part 1 on how to make your business blog compelling, here are tips 5 through to 10!

Offer promotions

Where applicable, offer special deals to your blog readers. Either do so with a code published in a post or simply through email to any reader subscribed by email to your blog. A loyalty reward like this will keep people coming back.

Let them get to know you

Let your readers feel as though they are finding out something by reading the blog that they wouldn’t know just by going through your company website or marketing materials. Treat it as a communications platform from which you can speak directly to your potential customers.

Open up comments

Leave comments open on a business blog. This gives your customers, potential customers and the general public the opportunity to ask questions, respond to what you have said and essentially makes it a 2 way communication platform. Consider closed and open comments like the difference between being talked at and talked to. If they can respond to you, your readers are more likely to engage with your blog.

Don’t over police the comments

The temptation is always, when you open up comments, to moderate them strictly. Don’t. By all means, take out any expletives, spam or anything designed purely to be offensive to others, but don’t reject a comment just because it disagrees with something you have said. Instead, use it as an opportunity to comment back and reiterate your argument, while expressing your respect for your customer’s opinions too.

Post length

Make it substantial without being too long. I know that’s a ridiculously generic thing to say, but honestly, defining ‘too long’ depends purely on the nature of the post. If you’re posting on something completely entertaining and hilarious, then 1000 words would pass by in no time and probably keep the reader engaged and engrossed. But if you’re posting on something relating to your company moving from one building to another or something similar, 1000 words might just be overdoing it. I would say a post should have a minimum 200 words to make it worth posting, but making it too long will lose the interest of your readers. Read your post through after writing it and if you lose interest half way, then your readers will too.

Keeping your business blog compelling for readers is the only way to see any real benefit from it in the first place. There should be something in it for your readers. With every post, ask yourself what they get from it? Information? Entertainment? A special deal? If you can’t answer ‘what’s in it for them?’ then it might be worth not posting that particular blog entry!