Anonymous Blogging – My View

I have been asked a number of times by people whether or not blogging anonymously is a good idea. My response is always the same – “It depends on whether you want your blog to seem trustworthy.”

I can understand why some people blog entirely anonymously:-

  • They’re blogging on opinions that they might not want associating with them.
  • They’re blogging on multiple blogs.
  • It’s a purely commercial blog and they want no association with that and other blogs they have.

However, I maintain that I am more likely to trust something a blogger writes if they have endorsed the blog by adding their name to it.

Of course, there is the option of alias blogging, running an entire blog written by a fictional character you make up. I prefer this to altogether anonymous blogging. Bearing in mind that a blog is a discussion platform, it’s hard to have a discussion with someone faceless and nameless. So creating an alias, in my view, is better than just having an anonymous blog.

Some professionals take on ghost writers to complete their blog entries and post these in their own name (not their ghost writer’s of course). Is this anonymous or even alias blogging? I don’t think so. The person whose name the blog is in, is entirely endorsing the content of the blog regardless of who writes it. Whatever is written on that blog will be assumed to be the content of the person whose name is on the blog and so I do not consider this anonymous blogging.

As for me? Well I ghost write blogs for a number of people. My own blogs, though, will always have my name attached. There’s a level of trust you simply cannot gain from your readers if you’re not even prepared to share your first name with them. And if your opinions are such that you wouldn’t be prepared to associate with your name, should you even be sharing them in the first place?

Of course, some niches lend themselves to anonymous or even alias blogging, such as blogs by escorts who also have full time corporate jobs and so on, but for the most part, I think a personality behind a blog is essential.