10 Blog Pet Peeves

I’m a compulsive blogger and even more compulsive blog reader. But some things about some blogs really get me grumpy. Like really grumpy to the point of throwing a digital tantrum and, shock, horror… [Insert dramatic music here for the full effect] CLOSING THE PAGE!

Here are just 10 of those things.

1.      No comments allowed.

What is with people doing this? As far as I see it, if you make the decision to blog and you put your own opinions across in your blog, you are making those opinions public domain. In doing so, you have a responsibility to let people respond to them! ‘No comments’ policies make a blog less of a discussion platform and more of a lecture platform. And I don’t like being lectured.

2.      Persistently bad spelling and grammar

So call me a linguistic snob if you like. The odd typo isn’t an issue but blog posts that are misspelled from start to finish get my goat. We all have spell checkers available to us!! There’s no excuse. If I’m reading a post that is grammatically poor and plagued with bad spelling right the way through, I find myself paying more attention to correcting spellings in my head than I do to the content of the post and by the time I’m done reading, I have no idea what I’ve just read!

3.      Poor research

Ok, so a blog is an informal platform for many. If you don’t feel like researching every post, don’t write posts that require it. But by the same token, if you are writing a post that is going to need some statistical backup, for example, do the research right. I hate reading posts that use stats that are entirely inaccurate either through a lack of research or because the blogger has used a poor source of information.

4.      Sponsored reviews

I’m all for people making money with their blogs and if reviewing a product or service can earn them some cash, great! But what I hate to see if bloggers reviewing products they have so blatantly never even tried. If you’re going to be paid to review something, at least make it something you have tried and make the review impartial!

5.      Completely off topic posts too frequently

We all go off on a tangent sometimes and the nature of blogging is that odd post that perhaps doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the blog is forgivable.  But when 5 out of every 10 posts starts to be completely unrelated, I lose interest. If I am following a blog about SEO, that’s because I am interested in what the blogger has to say about SEO. I don’t want to have to read one post about home improvements for every post about SEO! I don’t care, frankly, how amazing the shelves he put up are. I want to know what he thinks about SEO!

6.      Drama, drama, drama…

When bloggers write entire posts just to slag some other blogger off or just to incite a bit of digital drama, I switch off. If I was interested in that sort of stuff, I’d read Hollywood gossip magazines or spend a day in a school playground.

7.      Lacking link love in the comments!

If someone takes the time to comment on a post (with a genuine comment that contributes something to the discussion) then that person really should be able to link back, from their name as is the case with most blogs, to their own site. People who remove these links are being rather stingey!

8.      Comment modification

One thing I hate almost as much as closed comments is when a blogger takes your comment and edits it to lose its meaning and say something more in line with that blog’s opinion. On the couple of occasions this has happened to me, I have a sent a polite email to the blogger asking them to remove the comment altogether and I have simply stopped following the blog.

9.      No contact information!

Even if a blogger wishes to remain anonymous, they can use an anonymous email address set up specifically for the purpose. But I think that having no way to contact a blogger is annoying. Whatever the reasons someone might want to get in touch with a blogger, there should be a way that doesn’t involve leaving a public comment!

10.  Pop up ads

Again, I am all for people earning through blogging but pop up ads really, really irritate me. When I have to spend five minutes contending with the five million [I reserve the right to exaggerate] new bloody windows trying to sell me dodgy loans, e-books, muscle building formula or genital enhancements, I get annoyed.