Technorati – Yay or Nay?

Technorati has faced some pretty harsh scrutiny lately. For those not familiar with the site, it’s essentially a blog search engine. At one point, it was the most used and respected blog search engine on the web, but the Google blog search function is now providing some tough competition.

Technorati scores blogs on ‘authority’ to give them some indication of how much ‘power’ that blog holds within its niche area. The rankings should be taken with a pinch of salt and can be volatile at best. For a start, you have to actively register your blog with Technorati – something that not all bloggers do – and so the authority score, in my opinion, tends not to count for a great deal.

But by the same token, Technorati has a huge number of registered users and is an incredible place to register your blog and to network with other bloggers. Whenever I am looking for a blog on a certain topic, that’s my search starting point – not the Google blog search. Maybe it’s just a familiarity thing. Who knows?

So while some may argue that Technorati is losing its own ‘authority’ within the blog search engine sphere, it remains an excellent networking tool, search tool and a great way to gain a loose idea of how you are standing up to the competition that is registered there.

Technorati remains a YAY from me.