10 Blogs About Blogging you Really Should Read

Any enthusiastic blogger is also likely to be an enthusiastic blog reader. If you’re not, you should be! Reading around is the only way to keep abreast of what is going on in blogging circles, what’s hot, what’s not and all that jazz.

Randomly, here are ten blogs on blogging that I simply wouldn’t be without! I won’t write a paragraph about each, firstly because you can go and read them for yourselves and secondly because I have to be out of the house in like 20 minutes. 😉











For any blogger, irrespective of their niche, reading around these blogs and others  like them is a great way to keep up with the technical, social and commercial aspects of blogging, whether as a hobbyist writer or someone looking to (or even actively doing so) make an income from their blogging.

Subscribe to the readers on those and others like them or have the posts emailed to you if you’re not the sort of person who would remember to visit them every couple of days. It’s definitely worth doing. These people absolutely know what they’re talking about!