Have Your Own Opinion – A Rant

Blog about the news. By all means. Blog about the latest celebrity to have lost her husband to Angelina Jolie or the biggest political blunder by Gordon Brown. Yes, go for it! It’s topical, relevant and up to date. But please, please, please have your own take on it.

If I read something in the news, the last thing I then want to do is read reworded articles of the same story on twenty different blogs I subscribe to. Why would I? I already know the story. I don’t need to read it again. But even though I know the story, what I am interested in is the opinion of the bloggers I like on that story.

It’s a pet peeve of mine when bloggers just regurgitate articles from news sources without adding something. Tell us what you think of it, parody it or add a new layer. Add your predictions as to what this means for the future of Hollywood marriages or British politics. Give us something that we didn’t get from the rather sterile Guardian view or the entirely neutral BBC view.

And this is not just a reader friendly tactic either. It’s a SEO friendly topic too. If you just copy and paste an article, you have duplicate content issues. And if it comes to a choice of Google displaying your blog’s version or the BBC version, there’s a good chance the BBC is going to win, hands down. Unless your blog holds more authority than the BBC that is!

Rant over.