Should you Allow Advertising on your Blog?

For those of us who initially began blogs for the purpose of a hobbyist writing and with no commercial gain in mind, being approached about advertising may come as a surprise. While the temptation for a quick bit of cash is there, for many, the decision about whether or not to post the ads of others onto your blog is a tough one. Do you really want banners about something you don’t know all over your blog? Of course, if you set up your blog specifically for financial gain, then advertising is a no-brainer!

Myself, I have blogs on which I will never accept any advertising. It’s not necessarily because I’m ‘proud’ of them or protective of their overall appearance, simply because it doesn’t fit. I have some blogs that are massively opinionated on all manner of topics and for me to then allow people to advertise things I might have slated previously on those blogs is hypocritical. They’re ‘mine’ and I just don’t feel comfortable opening them up to advertisers. It’s a personal preference and not a judgement against advertising or those who run ads. I also have other blogs that have previously ran banner ads for businesses relating to the topic of the blog.

If someone asked me outright, “should I avoid all advertising on my blog, as it’s a personal blog?” I would say no! If someone wants to pay you to advertise, why not accept it? What I would also advise though is that you’re picky about what you will advertise. Advertising ‘payday loans’ for example, which have a hugely bad reputation, might tarnish the reputation of your blog. I would also advise sticking advertisers who are advertising a product or service that relates to the topic of your blog. Ask for more information from anyone approaching you before you agree to run the ad or accept any payment. I would also stick to a limit with ads too. A pet peeve of mine is going onto a blog and being almost blinded by blingy banners and seeing so much advertising material that it completely detracts from the blog’s content.

Advertise, by all means. Just don’t lose focus of what the point of the blog is – content.